I don’t have an account can I still get a repair?

We are usually able to open new accounts in 24hrs or less so by the time your motor arrives for inspection and quotation your account will be live. If for some reason this process is delayed we accept credit card payments or BACS transfer as payment.

What will it cost for a servo repair?

We offer no fix/no fee quotations , free collection and free delivery. Each servo motor repair is priced individually ( unless you have entered into one of our fixed price contracts),  however with the no fix/no fee quotations and free collection and delivery if you decide to proceed with the repair your motor will be [...]

Why should I get a motor repaired when I could by a new one?

Cost, a repair can be half the price of a new motor, also in some cases a new motor can be on a significantly longer lead time than a repair which can have a knock on effect on your production.