Automotive Manufacturing Servo Motor Repair

automotive industryServoLab provide servo motor repair for companies throughout the UK and Europe to ensure their production targets are met and downtime from servo motor failure is minimised.

At ServoLab we understand the importance of reliability and turnaround. We can provide same-day collection and overnight repairs for your servo motors, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum. With our two year warranty on every servo motor repair you can trust ServoLab to deliver servo motor repairs that work first time without fail.

Used at every stage of the automotive manufacturing process servo motors are an essential part of every production line, from automotive assembly robots to plastic extrusion for bumpers and dashboards, servo motors are found in thousands of factories all over the world.

With an increasing drive towards automation there has been significant growth in 2013/14 with many factories upgrading existing robots to the latest technology and others installing production line robots for the first time to automate repetitive tasks.



ServoLab provides Robot servo motor repair for all makes of servo controlled industrial robots including:

  • Fanuc robot servo motor
  • ABB robot servo motor
  • KUKA robot servo motor
To discuss your servo motor repair requirements or to learn more about our range of servo motor repair services or to arrange collection of your servo motor call one of our team now on 0161 865 6161.