Plastic & Packaging

Servo motors are essential to the manufacturing of plastics and packaging and are found in use across Vacuum or Thermoforming and Extrusion. These plastic manufacturing techniques all require precise movements and high speed cycles to produce the required shape while the plastic is malleable.

Extrusion is used to produce long sections of the same continuous profile and is used to produce a wide range of items from straws to drainpipes, Thermoforming uses a mould to shape plastic which has been heated to a precise temperature, and vacuum forming is a version of thermoforming which uses a vacuum to force the heated plastic onto the mould.

Servo motors are used for these processes as they can be programmed to undertake these tasks quickly and efficiently with very high levels of replication, meaning that identical results can be achieved every time. Due to the nature of this work the motors can often be running 24/7 and as such if these motors fail a repair is required urgently to get the plant back online. CPM Servolab offer a range of servo motor repair solutions to achieve this rapid turnaround.

24hr Service – Our team will arrange immediate collection of your failed motor and work through the night to get the motor repaired and returned to service as quickly as possible.

Stock – We have motors in stock and in some cases can supply a replacement motor in the time it takes to remove the old one

Service Exchange – We will offer a discount on the price of your replacement motor, taking your failed motor as a part exchange. This mean you get immediate access to a working motor from stock with the cost of replacement offset by the value of the failed servo motor.

Our servo repair expertise and capability to provide fast and reliable servo motor repairs for all makes and models has made CPM Servolab a trusted partner to some of the world largest plastics manufacturers.

If you wold like to learn more about how our services can help reduce your downtime and repair cost give one of our team a call now on 0161 865 6161