Servo Motor Feedback Devices

Feedback devices are the electronic controls that determine the movement of a servo motor, it is the feedback device that sets a servo motor apart from a standard DC or AC motor. These feedback devices are highly complex and as a result there are few companies with the capability and experience to perform a successful servo motor feedback repair.

20150728_151508ServoLab have experience of repairing all makes and models of servo motor feedback devices. The feedback configuration, also known as the commutation set up, determines if a repair will be successful when returned to service. Our experience in servo motor repair coupled with our commitment to quality and excellent relationships with the OEMS makes Servolab a leader providing reliable servo motor repairs and quality workmanship.

Feedback devices are the brains of the servo motor, these units are usually mounted to the rear of the motor and control the operation of the servo motor when in use. The servo feedback device processes the signals from the SERVO DRIVE and tells the servo motor to start, stop or hold position.

CPM Servolab - Siemens Servo motor

Optical Servo Motor

Optical feedback devices provide accurate control utilising a light beam and sensor (photodiode) which facilitates  control of the servo motor using an aperture through which the beam of light passes, hitting the sensor. The frequency and number of times the sensor picks up the light signal provides the data required to calculate the speed, and therefore the position of the servo.

Servo Motor Tacho

A Tacho feedback will only measure speed. Using the speed of the motor combined with the length of time in operation the Tacho feedback can calculate the position of the servo motor. The greater the speed the higher the voltage that is fed back to the servo drive. Hence, the term feedback device. The servo drive processes this information to understand how much current to send to the servo motor which is driving the Tacho feedback. ServoLab offers a complete range or repair and replacement services for servo motor Tacho feedback devices.

The commutation set up, or feedback device set up, determines the quality and success of every servo motor repair. If you know how to correctly repair a servo motor feedback device you are able to complete effective and reliable servo motor repairs.

ServoLab are in regular contact with feedback device OEMs and have supply agreements with many encoder manufacturers, this excellent relationship with a number of key suppliers gives ServoLab access to components which competitors do not have.

Our history of providing successful servo motor repair and the quality of our workmanship means some of the world’s largest companies trust ServoLab to deliver servo motor repairs throughout the UK and Europe.

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