Leisure Industry Servo Motors

Hidden from public view, servo motors are at the heart of roller coasters and many other fair ground or theme park attractions, as a result leisure applications are often overlooked as a use for servo motors.

ServoLab work with some of the largest theme parks in the UK to provide safe and reliable servo motor repairs to ensure rides are up and running throughout the open season.

leisure industryWe understand the importance of safety in this industry. With the lives of dozens of people at a time dependant on effective repairs, ServoLab ensure every servo motor receives the same care and attention to maintain our exceptional levels of reliability.

Many rides use servos to achieve fine control over the movement of a ride, servo motors are used over traditional motors as a result of their ability to stop rotation whilst maintaining torque on the load in order to hold an object in a stationary position, something which is not possible with a traditional AC or DC motor.

ServoLab can repair all makes and models of servo motors used in theme parks and fair ground rides to provide safe and effective motion control.


To discuss your servo motor repair requirements or to learn more about our range of servo motor repair services or to arrange collection of your servo motor call one of our team now on 0161 865 6026.