Servo motors are used in a growing range of industries, as automation becomes an ever more important part of the manufacturing process servo motors will become more complex and powerful in order to achieve more accurate positioning and increased working capacities.

Servo motors are used in everything from simple conveyor systems to complex manufacturing robots undertaking a set of processes over and over faultlessly replicating the same  result with little deviation.

The most well-known application for servo motors is almost certainly their use in automotive assembly robots, taking doors and body panels and fitting these items to the chassis or space frame of the car as part of a continuous production line.

While this may be the most high profile use of servo motors they are used throughout industry, from simple slicing machines to complex weighing, bagging and labeling machines used for everything from bacon to luxury chocolates.

Servolab have the ability to support repairs for servo motors across all industries and can provide overnight repairs to ensure your downtime is minimised, and your production is back up and running with minimal delay.

ServoLab can create bespoke solutions for all industry sectors specialising in:

  • Food industry servo motors
  • Automotive manufacturing industry servo motors
  • Aerospace and defence manufacturing servo motors
  • Leisure industry servo motors
  • Pharmaceutical industry servo motors
  • Printing industry servo motors
  • CNC Machine servo motors

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