Servo Motor Refurbishment

Servo motors in aggressive environments such as food processing are often heavily corroded and contaminated externally which can lead to ingress of contaminant to the motor housing. ServoLab will assess the level of damage to the servo motor housing, and either refurbish or replace the body of the motor depending on the damage, although replacement of a servo motor body is extremely unusual.

Common parts which are replaced as part of the refurbishment of the servo motor include the following;

Servo Motor
Shaft Replacement

If required this can be completed using our in-house machine shop facility, or sourced directly for the servo motor manufacturers thanks to our excellent links within the industry.

Servo Motor
Feedback Connectors

Feedback devices are the brains of the servo motor and must be securely connected to the motor in order to function efficiently. ServoLab have a range of connectors for most makes of servo motor in stock and access to OEM stock at short notice.

Servo Motor

Servo motors have brakes specific to their design and the specification must be matched exactly to ensure a safe and efficient repair. Factors to consider include Torque rating, Diameter and Coil Voltage. Servo motors utilise often passive brakes for safety reasons.

Servo Motor Bearings
& End Shields

Includes both drive end and non-drive end bearings. Proper treatment of the bearings during storage and installation is essential to maximising life span. Servo motor bearings run at high speeds carrying heavy loads and as such must be precisely fitted and aligned to prevent premature failure.

Seals for Bearings
and for motor housing/body

Seals are required to prevent the ingress of foreign bodies into the bearings or into the motor itself. Poorly fitted or perished seals can compromise the integrity of the seal and reduce the life of the bearings and motor.


As part of our refurbishment we will sand, degrease and spray finish each servo motor to ensure the motor looks as good on the outside as it is on the inside.
To learn more about how ServoLab can return your servo motor to as good as new condition call one of our technical support team today on 0161 865 6161.