Elau Servo Motor Repair

Offering a wide range of Elau servo motor repair services, ServoLab have the capability to test, diagnose and repair all faults across the entire range of Elau servo motors.

Our specialist servo motor repair team have developed servo motor testing routines and techniques which are able to identify both the mechanical and electrical faults which typically occur in Elau servo motors and using many years of experience can implement repair solutions to ensure your Elau servo motor is returned to service as good, if not better, than new.

All of our Elau servo motor repairs carry our standard two year warranty and are tested using a variety of cycles and routines prior to shipping.

If your servo motor has a feedback device which utilises memory and has set parameters specific to your operation ServoLab can ensure these valuable servo motor parameters are safeguarded and re-uploaded when the servo has been fully repaired.

To ensure the parameters are correct we will first read the memory to identify the parameters used and will then store these parameters and when reloaded, run-test the servo motor using these parameters to ensure each repair returns to service without fault.

Common Elau servo motor part numbers include:

Elau Servo Motor SH-055
Elau Servo Motor SH-070
Elau Servo Motor SH-100
Elau Servo Motor SH-140
Elau Servo Motor SH-205
Should you wish to learn more about the range of servo motor repair services offer by ServoLab or how we can assist with the repair of your Elau servo motor, even if you just have a technical query regarding servo motor repair, please do not hesitate to give one of our team a call on 0161 865 6161.