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Environmental responsibility: check.

CPM ServoLab is now ISO 14001 certified In times when there is increased focus on the impact that any business has on the environment, companies are under pressure to meet their clients’ requirements as well as achieve their own standards. CPM ServoLab is continually mindful of achieving new goals and has successfully completed the ISO [...]

Look before you leap

We know changing suppliers can be daunting, you might feel you are paying too much at the moment but is it worth the risk of making a change when the consequences could cost you even more? Here at CPM Servolab we like to take the risk out of that decision, but don’t just take out [...]

Are Servo Motors that special?

Well, yes and no! A servo motor is a conventional motor with additional control capabilities which allows the motor to be used in a range of systems which require very precise positioning, movement, or movements which must be synchronized. The method by which it achieves this is via a ‘feedback device’ fitted to [...]