Well, yes and no!

A servo motor is a conventional motor with additional control capabilities which allows the motor to be used in a range of systems which require very precise positioning, movement, or movements which must be synchronized.
The method by which it achieves this is via a ‘feedback device’ fitted to the none-drive end (NDE) of the motor. There are a number of different devices which are utilized in order to do this, modern servo motors utilise incremental or absolute encoders but resolvers and tacho-generators can also be fitted to these motors.

It also requires a relatively sophisticated controller, often a dedicated module designed specifically for use with servomotors.

Typical Servo Motors

MOT-180_PAnother key difference between a standard motor and a servo motor is that a servo motor can maintain a fixed position without rotating whilst maintaining a certain level of torque. This enables the servo motor to hold a static position under load.
These motors and their controllers are also amongst the most energy efficient rotating machines available which makes them integral in achieving energy savings and to meet environmental obligations. They are used in such applications as CNC machining centres, robotics, printing, lifts, compressors, automatic doors and barriers and even automatic camera focusing.

With Servo Motors being used motor and more in our everyday life and with sales expected to exceed $12 billion USD by the year 2020 the need for support of these motors and controllers becomes more and more important. With specialist skills, equipment and procedures required to overhaul and repair this equipment including software based systems to set up and test the feedback devices it is CPM’s belief that needs a laboratory style environment to perform this support service and should not be part of traditional electric motor repair activities.



Setting up a feedback device

Following this philosophy CPM set up a specific laboratory to meet this growing demand under the name CPM ServoLab. A dedicated facility to support over 2,000 different types of servo and permanent magnet motors which can match the reliability offered by the Original Equipment Manufacturers such as ABB, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Fanuc, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Bosch, Control Techniques and Omron.

Read more on our website on how our R&D facility produces our unique system of ‘Test, Diagnose, Repair, Test‘ to enable the exacting standards to be achieved and how CPM can offer a warranty which exceeds many of the OEM’s new machines

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