How reliable are repaired servo motors?

ServoLab offer a 2 year warranty as standard on al of our servo motor repairs regardless of the condition of the motor when it arrives with us.  We have a 99.8% reliability rate meaning only 0.2% if the motors we repair are returned to our workshop under warranty , this is around 1 in 500, [...]

Are repaired servo motors efficient when compared to new servo motors?

Yes, a repaired servo motor is just as efficient as a new motor providing it is repaired correctly , CPM are the first company in Europe to achieve EASA accreditation which means we have undergo an independent audit to certify the quality of our repairs and ensure the correct procedures are followed to ensure effective [...]

How long will the repair take?

We provide same day collections in an emergency and if requested  will work 24/7 on repairs to get you back up and running. Typically a repair will take 2-3 days as we have a wide range of encoders and bearings in stock.

Why should I get a motor repaired when I could by a new one?

Cost, a repair can be half the price of a new motor, also in some cases a new motor can be on a significantly longer lead time than a repair which can have a knock on effect on your production.